KFUM og KFUK har fået en ny international volontør!

Eileen Hauschildt er ny i Danmark og ny i KFUM og KFUK. De næste 9 måneder har hun sagt ja til at en gøre indsats for KFUM og KFUK i Kolding samt Distrikt Syd og Distrikt Trekanten. Bliv klogere på, hvem hun er lige her...

Eileen Hauschildt

Hello, My name is Eileen, I am 19 years old and live in Hamburg with my parents Jörg and Edna and my bunny Urmel. My brother Jendrik is 22 and studies in Bremerhaven. As you know Hamburg isn ́t that far away from Denmark, which is a beautiful country by the way, so we spent our vacation here ever since I remember.

Now I am very happy to say, that I can spent nearly a whole year in Kolding as a volunteer at KFUM og KFUK. I arrived at the 27th of august and will stay till June.

At home I really enjoy my work in the church community and I am sure I will do so here as well. I mostly work with teens and training them to become a volunteer. In our church community it is named ‘Teamer’. I also accompany the candidate for confirmation and travel with youth groups for example to Sweden in the summer holidays. Beside that I really enjoy doing sports in my freetime. I always tried out different sports, also in school and I mostly like teamsport, but gymnastics is also one of my favorite sports.

In my first week here, I have only met open hearted people who welcomed me in a very warm and relaxed way so that I felt welcome from the first second I arrived here! On Saturday the 31th of August I already participated at an event from Børnekontakten and other initiatives what has given me the chance to get to know more members of the KFUK og KFUM Kolding and their work.

I was also participating in a meeting from the Unge voksne and was amazed by the openness and joy of the group. So I am really looking forward now to get to know these people better and in a few month also take part in planning a project for/with them. Till then I will work on my danish skills by taken lessons in the language school so that maybe I can speak fluent danish by next year. Till next year I of course also want to participate in many different projects and get to know as many people as possible.

Before I came here my only connection to the YMCA was through my dad, who works as a cook at an conference and guest house owned by the YMCA in Germany. So this organization is pretty new for me and I am looking forward to experience all the different sides and possibilities of it :). Hopefully I will get to know some new ways of working or some events and games, that I can use for my work at the local church group in Hamburg. But for now I will just enjoy my time here in Denmark and try to experience as much as I can. Thanks for the warm welcoming, looking forward to an amazing time at KFUM og KFUK.

Eileen Hauschildt