For volunteers

Do you want to create memorable summer experiences - then have a look at this site


No festival without volunteers ! 

Wheter you are a DIY expert, an outdoorsy person, a multitalent, a people person who never gets tired of listening to to young teenagers, a neat freak, movie-editor, or something completely else - we have the job for you! 

Want to join as a volunteer?

Join our Facebook group: Frivillige Wonderful Days 

When you buy your ticket as volunteer on Wonderful Days you can choose a very specific task, or you can join the volunteer-corps and get a notification from our volunteer-coordinator who will assign you with something to do at Wonderful Days. 

Do you have specific qualifications in the following areas; stage-technique, photography, journalism, DJ, or SoMe, please contact

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About the volunteers at WD

On every Wonderful Days approximately 300 volunteers sign up and creates a spectacular festival for all the participants. We are very proud that so many want to join and give their own time to create unique, memorable, and crazy experiences for all the young participants. 

The YMCA & YWCA of Denmark has three different ambitions regarding their volunteers

  • It is both fun and meaningful to work as a volunteer within the YMCA & YWCA of Denmark
  • The tasks are clear and concise 
  • Every volunteer is appreciated and it should be easy to attract new tasks