Become a teacher for the kids


'Kolding Børnehøjskole' (folk highschool for kids) needs volunteer teachers

Tell us what you are passionate about teaching. Then you and others have the opportunity to start a course for children at Kolding Børnehøjskole.

As a volunteer at Kolding Børnehøjskole, you will contribute to children aged 6-12 getting acquainted with the folk high school ideas about community, education and dignity, while they learn new things and have fun.

As a volunteer, you not only gain experience in teaching. You will also be part of a community that works together to make the world bigger for the little ones.

How to get started

  1. Send us your contact information and your immediate thoughts 
    1. Use the link (Danish form) or send an email to 
  2. We will contact you as soon as possible
  3. We meet for a chat
  4. We make a final agreement
  5. You are helping to write the text about your course 
  6. Our course catalog will be published 
  7. You are attending an introductory meeting for all teachers 
  8. The children sign up 

  • your commitment and your enthusiasm for a topic to a group of children between 6 and 12 years
  • your time every Thursday at 4 pm to 7 pm for 8-10 weeks 

  • a really meaningful task as a volunteer
  • the chance to impact the kids in a good way with what you have to share
  • a community with other volunteers in a new community 
  • study-relevant hands-on experience teaching children
  • others to be a teacher with (there will be at least 3 teachers per course)
  • help to obtain materials, etc.
  • delicious, newly renovated rooms to teach in - made especially for the purpose
  • thorough introduction, pedagogical training and ongoing support
  • two evenings for all volunteers with relevant presentations and goodies
  • a statement from the leader of Kolding Børnehøjskole (usefull for CV)