The YMCA and YWCA in Denmark hosts a wide range of activities aimed at different age groups. Most activities target children and youth, but we also have programs for adults and families.


Our programs and activities include leadership training, Christian formation, Ten Sing, international exchange and solidarity work, festivals, summer camps, and club activities for children and youth.


The camps are a great opportunity for meeting new people in the organization. Every year we host 5 camps for grand parents and their grandchildren. And during the summer, various local and regional groups host children and youth camps as well as family based summer camps for more than 1.000 participants.

Children’s and youth programs

Many of our local organizations offer activities for children and teenagers. Here, the youngsters can meet on a weekly basis under supervision from a leader. Some of these clubs offer the same kind of activity each week, like Ten Sing. Others shift between activities like games, quizzes, Christian education and competitions.

We have developed various materials to aid in telling the Biblical stories in ways relevant to young people. For example, we have Bible Bricks, where children engage themselves with the Biblical stories and characters through LEGO. 

Adults and families

Although YMCA and YWCA focuses its activities on the young, adults also have plenty of opportunities to participate in events.

We offer various seminars and other forms of gatherings where grown-ups can meet each other, discuss relevant topics, and share their Christian beliefs.

Some seminars focus on strengthening leadership skills in order to develop even more engaging activities for the young back in the various local groups. Some activities are dedicated single parents, and some are focused on women only.