YMCA and YWCA in Denmark

YMCA and YWCA in Denmark is a joint Christian movement for youth empowerment with more than 9.000 members. Everyone is welcome at our activities for children, young people and families, regardless of religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or social position.


YMCA and YWCA combined

YMCA-YWCA Denmark is a joint Christian movement for youth empowerment.

We offer programs and activities for children, young people and families in local communities, at festivals and camps all over Denmark, and as a part of the global communities of YMCA and YWCA.

The movement has 9.000 members in Denmark.

Everyone is welcome

YMCA-YWCA Denmark is an ecumenical organization rooted in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. However, you don’t have to be a Christian to attend our programs and activities.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of religious beliefs, nationality, race, gender, or social position.

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Our core activities target children and young people up to 30 years. We have 100 local associations spread across the country.

YMCA-YWCA Denmark is a member of World Alliance of YMCAs and World YWCA as well as the European level, YMCA Europe and YWCA in Europe. This means in other terms that we are a part of a large international community and members of the world's largest youth movement.

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The Y-Family

In many countries YMCA and YWCA are two separate organizations, but in Denmark they merged into a joint movement in 1976. The movement is governed by a female and a male presidency and a board with equal representation of men and women.

Many YMCA and YWCA activities in Denmark have since the early days been organized in separate organizations and still remain so – as YMCA Sports, YMCA Scouts, YWCA Girl Guides, YWCA Social Work, YMCA Social Work etc.

In total 8 independent organizations belong to the "Y-family" including Y’s Men Region Denmark.

YMCA World Council in Denmark

The YMCA World Council held in Aarhus in 2022 was a beacon of global unity and inspiration. Bringing together diverse minds and hearts from every corner of the world, this remarkable event embodied the YMCA's timeless mission of fostering youth empowerment, community development, and lasting positive change.

"When we host the YMCA World Council in Denmark, it is with a strong ambition to give the best of the YMCA and YWCA to the world and to take the best of the world into the YMCA and YWCA," says Gritt Rhinstrøm Kristensen, chairman of the World Council committee.

The YMCA World Council in Aarhus served as a reminder that positive change starts with small steps, bold dreams, and a global community united by shared values. As delegates returned to their respective corners of the world, they carried with them the spirit of Aarhus – a spirit of hope, resilience, and the belief that together, we can create a world that is more just, inclusive, and vibrant for all.

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UNITAS travel agency

The joint movement of YMCA-YWCA Denmark is the exclusive owner of UNITAS travel agency and we work together closely. The travel agency has great expertise in terms of tickets for non profit organizations. UNITAS generates important income for our programs.

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Would you like to know more about our international activities?

Please contact International Secretary Helene Juhl at hrj@kfum-kfuk.dk.